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About us



An Extraordinary Company History

Henrys04The company HENRYS based in Karlsruhe has committed itself to the development and the distribution of high-quality products for jugglers. For more than 30 years we have been delivering juggling articles to consumers and dealers all over the world. Most of these articles are from our own production. Learn what sustainability means to us, what are the advantages for you as a customer or dealer, and also, why people all over the world are inspired by our products.

We are continuously extending our machinery, which makes us increasingly independent. It allows us to manufacture a great deal of our products in-house, to match them and to assemble them as per our requirements. We have never thought of moving our production abroad for financial reasons. Since 2006 we have our own injection-moulding department. Here we produce many plastic components such as diabolo half-shells on our own. Since then we are extensively testing and optimizing. In our blow-moulding department, which followed in the year 2010, we produce our own club bodies. Both departments are constantly adapted and enlarged in accordance with the current requirements. Today we have a large plant of in-house machinery. Many of the machines and devices were designed and built exactly for the parts they do now manufacture.


Henrys05It started with a whisk …
It happened in a flat share in Karlsruhe in the year 1984: A whisk was turned into the first sparkler juggling-club of the world. A start was made: The desire was born to produce articles which fulfill highest demands regarding quality, technology, precision and environmental consciousness. This desire is still guiding us, and it is still as strong as then.

1984 Our first EJC (Frankfurt) with the presentation of our Sparkler Club
1987 The Juggling Club Classic captures the juggling-market
1992 Our Diabolos Circus, Jazz and Kolibri come onto the market
1992 The clubs Pirouette, Albatros and Delphin follow
1993 HENRYS becomes a GmbH (limited liability company) and moves to larger premises
1998 HENRYS Viper Yo-Yo comes onto the market and achieves cult status
2001 We are the first company to present a complete programme of diabolo handsticks
2006 Our injection moulding department opens
2010 The blow moulding department completes our production programme
2011 The Pirouette Grip Club comes onto the market


A Globally Active Company Keeping in Contact

Henrys06Although we deliver all over the world we have always attached special importance to personal contacts and consulting. We are present on international trade fairs such as the Nuremberg International Toy Fair or the Games Fair in Essen. We also keep service-spots on juggling conventions and we make journeys with our Tricycle Circus, where we meet jugglers from all over the world with whom we exchange experiences and ideas. The experiences of all our users, no matter whether beginners or professionals are influencing the further development of our products. Many new ideas were born from these meetings.

We invest a great deal of time and energy in order to guarantee that we …

■ use no plasticizers, PVC or lead in our products
■ find and choose only best materials for our products
■ buy all materials from certified German manufacturers who even produce some of the materials especially for us
■ execute extensive quality controls in all test and production phases in order to guarantee consistent high product quality
■ have received the CE- or Spielgut-label for many of our products


Smells like Team-Spirit

Our team is “crazy” enough to realize our visions in its daily work. Approx. 20 people contribute to the spirit of our ideology with their passion for juggling topics. This does of course affect the quality of our products.



“Many thanks for your feedback. You are our constant source of inspiration, giving us ideas for innovations.”

The General Managers of HENRYS Henry P., Petra S. and Heiko M.