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Maintenance and Care

Clubs and other juggling articles are in constant use and do therefore wear out. This is why they need regular service and special care. You can do most of the maintenance work on your own. Or we can do that for you. Just call for an appointment.


Maintenance tips for clubs

Knobs and tops must be replaced regularly. They protect your club from impacts and weather effects. The choice of the right screws is decisive for a long life of your club. Only very soft screws like those by HENRYS do not break and prevent the typical damages on clubs.

Maintenance tips for diabolos

It is very useful to clean the diabolo half-shells with water and soap regularly. Replace the diabolo string once in a while – then new tricks will work so much better. Just keep these few points in mind and you will enjoy your product for a long time!

Warranty on clubs

Despite persistent rumours we grant the usual warranty of one year on our clubs – provided that knobs and tops were replaced in time and that no additional nails or other objects were used. All later repairs have to be charged. Our service-spots on juggling conventions are an exception to this rule. There we offer free pepping up for clubs and other juggling articles. Clubs cannot be repaired when wooden stick and body are broken at the same time.